CarePoint Health’s pharmacy & smoking cessation services provides continuous access to the expert knowledge of a Clinical Pharmacist through direct collaboration with family physicians and the interdisciplinary team. A Pharmacist works with you and your doctor to keep you healthy. As part of your healthcare team, they work with your family doctor and with you as part of your health care team to choose the best medication for you. The Pharmacist will run a polypharmacy clinic for all patients with polypharmacy needs (5 or more medications).

Our Pharmacist can help you:

  • Review your medications to help organize and simplify them, ensure their compatibility, assess for changes to your medications after hospital discharge, or to help manage side effects from your medications.
  • Counselling and treatment to support smoking cessation.
  • Assist with the management of chronic conditions like COPD/Asthma, diabetes, Point of Care INR, palliative care medication issues, opioid tapering, benzodiazepine tapering, antipsychotic switching, and cannabis issues.
  • Answer questions about your medications.
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