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Physiotherapy Clinic

CarePoint Health’s Physiotherapist (PT) service provides assessment, education and treatment of acute or chronic conditions to patients who are otherwise unable to access physiotherapy through OHIP, benefit or private pay community based services. The Physiotherapist will assess the impact of injury, disease or disorders of movement and function, and promote, restore and prolong physical independence by enhancing a patient’s functional capacity. Physiotherapists can assess and treat individuals across the life-span who have illness, injury or disability affecting the musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, vascular, and neurological systems; they also promote wellness and increased quality of life through education, specialized programming and a holistic approach to care. 

A Physiotherapist (PT) supports individual and population wellness in their community by: 

The Physiotherapist works in close collaboration with affiliated physicians and interprofessional health care providers at CarePoint Health. 

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